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Tiaki means to care for people and place. The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand. For now and for future generations. At Wayfairer, we are proud supporters of the Tiaki Promise.

To understand that, I must tell you a story.

Nearly every weekend I do the exact same thing – I wake  up, I put on my running shoes, I go out the door and I  head in a direction. Running is a methodical and therapeutic process for me but one Sunday last year it wasn’t.

That Sunday I stood still at the bottom of a winding track  staring at the sky . It’s a track I know really well, it swoops  down into an open park with a calm estuary on the right.

Normally I would fly through that spot feeling the weightlessness of my feet but that time it was different. That Sunday  my legs were frozen and my mind was racing. The sky was  lit an apocalyptic-orange of dust and smoke. The Australian  forest fires had burnt so much material that a blanket of gas es and particles were able to change the colour of the sky .

I felt the connection our decisions had and are having on the  planet on that Sunday and knew that I wasn’t doing enough.

Wayfairer isn’t just an online market place. It’s our chance  to improve the lives of our people.

Wayfairer is a kiwi owned and operated marketplace with a  focus on responsible tourism. We offer the opportunity to  experience New Zealand in an environmentally friendly way  through our activity partners, conservation projects, and online experiences .

We restrict who we partner with and only choose providers who’s main activities aren’t heavy green house gas emitters. Where few activities are or a small portion of a single activity is carbon producing then we will work with the partner to reduce or offset that activity before listing on thewayfairer.com.

Onboarding experience providers and calculating their carbon inventory is a long a costly process. Your financial support helps us finding the experiences in line with our vision and decarbonizing them.

If you are not able to help us with a financial contribution, a recommendation to your friends or on social networks goes a long way!

Carbon offsetting allows you to compensate for the carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions you produce by reducing emissions somewhere else

Tourism is responsible for about 8% of the world’s carbon emissions, making it a significant contributor to climate change.

A round trip flight from Auckland to Paris can produce just over 1.25 metric tons of carbon emissions per passenger. That’s over a quarter of the amount of carbon that the average person worldwide produces per year – just from one round trip flight!

Every time you fly on a plane, stay in a hotel, ride in a taxi, or create waste, carbon emissions are being generated. While there are many ways that you can and should minimize your carbon footprint while traveling – from turning off the air conditioner to renting electric vehicles – no matter how sustainable your travel habits are, certain carbon emissions are unavoidable. That’s where carbon offsetting comes in.

Your personal user dashboard shows you how much CO2 your traveling experiences and those are all our users together generated, and how your contribution helps. On top of that, we have a clear and transparent communication through our newsletter for you to follow the work we carry. Easy as.

We want to guarantee that the carbon offset projects we support are legitimate and scientifically proven to help mitigate climate change. We can’t do this alone, so we work with third-party verifiers and validators to ensure ALL our projects meet rigorous standards. That means when you offset with us, you won’t risk funding a project that isn’t approved by experts.

In addition to reducing emissions, these projects support one or multiple of the following causes:

  • Forest & biodiversity
  • Clean & efficient energy
  • Local communities

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We can’t wait to hear from you.


To ensure the projects we invest matter, we collaborate with the experts of Trees That Count who have many years of experience successfully planting and nurturing native species all over New Zealand.

We can’t do this alone, so we’ve partnered up with a team of great people sharing the same vision

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