You know what really sucks? Burning animals. There were over a billion animals that died in the forest fires in Australia last year. That sucks.

You know what also sucks?

Last year we used up all the resources the world produces in a year by July. That’s 156 days’ worth of stuff. That’s like eating that whole block of chocolate and telling yourself you’ll burn it off at the gym. And we know that’ll never happen. Two birds, one stone.

We’ll go ahead and address the elephant in the room and just say it – tourism isn’t what it used to be. This pandemic has stolen our tourists and left the whanau to pick up the slack and travel locally. I know, I know, having the cousins around doesn’t sound like a solution but it is! Not only does domestic travel save our industry but travelling locally also greatly reduces the impact on the planet. Two birds, one stone.

Introducing… The Wayfairer’s We’re tackling climate change by, yup, you guessed it, travelling slowly and locally to show you how green the grass really is over the fence. Adventuring nearby and discovering the local hot spots is what we’re all about. Not only does travelling slowly and locally greatly reduce and avoid the use of polluting planes, trains, and cars but also give you a more honest and real experience.

We don’t stop here. When you join Wayfairer as an experience provider, we help you reduce and offset the carbon emissions of your experience.

So, we know that there is a major problem with the impact our industry is having on the planet and we know that right now travelling locally is the best thing since sliced bread.

Combine your expert services with our marketing opportunity and together, let’s step towards a greener way of travelling.

To join us, reach out on [email protected] or by phone on +64 210 807 2736.

To make it easy for you, we’ll pull the data ourselves from your website and socials, list your experience and send it over to you for review before we put it live.